Social Media Compliance is the first tech company to have a patent pending for the real-time recognition and alerting of compliance and data breaches based on images, videos and text from social media and other digital channels. Our cutting-edge image recognition technology is the world leading solution for cyber security data breaches via images.

Large global bank is fined $1m by SEC for failing to safeguard customer data*

*SEC Press Release, June 2016

95% of regulated companies experience data leaks via employees' personal social media that are likely to result in a cyber attack, regulatory penalty or share price hit*

*Social Media Compliance Survey, 2015

Over one in five cyber attacks occur because employees unintentionally share confidential data publically*

*Identity Management Institute, 2016



    We are a unique machine learning, image recognition platform with a real time alert system, which identifies posts containing confidential data on employees' personal feeds.


    (Patent Pending)
    Real time social media monitoring with alert-driven breach evaluation.

    Effective Advocacy

    Make your staff advocates of your brand with the best social media practices.


    Bespoke e-learning modules with engaging content for staff.


    Record. Replay. Prove. Predict.

    Training Seminars

    Educate new staff, interns and graduates about acceptable personal social media use.